Nestlé Minis

A little of what you Love…

OneMethod came to me with a sweet proposition.  Let’s make some mini chocolates for a new Nestlé campaign!… and within 3 days I had a crate of 20+ packages of KitKat’s, Aero, Smarties, Coffee Crisps and Turtles… for research.

Nestlé was putting together a Nation-wide campaign across multiple platforms, and wanted a new take on all their brand’s chocolates with unique executions for Print, Social, Transit, Billboard, and Theater.  After a lot of research I built all the assets for each component by Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing and Lighting and Rendering each of the brands hero’s and creating CG versions for each of the brand’s packaging.

It was a tough job, but someone had to eat it… do it.


Nestlé Minis

Social | Point of Sale | Transit | Billboard | Theater

Client – Nestlé
Agency – OneMethod
Agency Producer – Cheryl Purves
Creative Director – Steve Miller

Design – Steve McArdle
Modelling/Texturing – Steve McArdle
Lighting/Rendering – Steve McArdle

The builds of each chocolate and brand particulars had to go through a lot of fine tuning and shader adjustment to get the tones of the chocolate and the consistency of the fillings just right as per the individual specifications of each of the brands.

Each of the chocolates had to be hand modelled and sculpted for this project to have a unique take on them, right down to the logos and letter-works on each brand.

Design •  Modelling •  Sculpting • Texturing • Lighting/Rendering