WebVR Experience

Time is running out.

To promote the movie Dunkirk, Warner Bros commissioned Jam3 to created a cooperative multiplayer 360 / WebVR experience. Partnered with my friends at iamstatic, they brought me in to help bring this world and experience to life. I set out with prop reference from the film, and extensive research to use to design and model all the props, characters, and feel of the world for the story to take place in.  Extensive layout, modelling and texturing and careful direction of animation with the talented John Flores I crafted the world that led to an immersive WebVR narrative that had users from all over the globe playing together online.


Clio Award –  Bronze | Awwwards – Site of the Day | CSSDesign Awards – Best VR Website | FWA – Site of the Day


WebVR Experience

VR | Social | Theatrical-tie-in

Client – Warner Brothers

Studio – Jam3

Production Partner – iamstatic
Creative Director – Dirk Van Gimbel
Interaction Director – Steven Mengin
UI/UX Code/Design –  John Flores
Design/Art Direction – Steve McArdle
Modelling/Texturing – Steve McArdle
2d/3d Animation – Steve McArdle/Kevin Vriesinga

Style Frames were built initially to start to design and develop the mood and scale of the view-able experience.  This was a jumping point to see where the visuals could be taken within the technical framework of working within the WebVR delivery, and historical constraints set by Warner Brothers.

Developmental renders of assets and props to see how they looked in environmental lighting conditions and with the polygon counts constrained by the limits of the WebVR platform.

Design •  Modelling •  Animation • Texturing • Lighting/Rendering