An Apple a day…

Publicis approached me with the question from their client Centrum, ‘Can we cram a bunch of fruit that won’t fit into a bottle, into a bottle?’. “Yes“, and.. ‘Can we have gummies fall out the other side?’.  “Yes“. ‘Can it look fun”. “Absolutely!“.  So I set about Designing, Modelling, and Animating to create a couple of fun little spots for their MultiGummies lines of vitamin products.  I feel healthier already.



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Client – Centrum

Agency – Publicis/VideoNerve
Producer – Karen Huybers
Design – Steve McArdle
Modelling/Texturing – Steve McArdle
2d/3d Animation – Steve McArdle
Audio – Twisterium / J Petren

Design •  Modelling •  Animation • Texturing • Lighting/Rendering