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Life Moves Pretty Fast…

Canadian Artist Sarah Keenlyside built a life-sized recreation of Ferris Bueller’s bedroom as an art piece. Faithful down to the last detail, it was a smash hit wherever it was installed. But it proved to be cumbersome to put up, take down, ship and store, so Hollywood Suite, a group of specialty TV channels focusing on classic films, stepped in and asked to make a virtual reality recreation of Sarah’s recreation of the iconic room.

My friends at Pyramid Attack contacted me and tasked me with building the room.  Because the room had to be faithful to the physical recreation I had to model, texture and light the whole room to be true to scale and be object specific.  This required taking hundreds of reference photos of the actual real-world objects sourced from the room, and painstakingly rebuilding and texturing them in CG with per object mapping and advanced photogrammetry techniques.

Working close with Pyramid Attack I built the complete room to scale to be a true representation of the original. We then brought everything into the VR environment and created an immersive experience narrated by Sarah on her journey to rebuild Ferris Bueller’s Room.


Show Up

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Client/Agency – Edelman

Studio – Topix
Producer – Eugene Marchio
Design – Steve McArdle
2d/3d Animation – Steve McArdle
Sound Design – Steve McArdle
Audio – Alexandra Woodward

Design •  Modelling • 2d Animation • 3d Animation