Chevy Silverado

Keep on truckin’.

GM Was looking to see the plausibility of taking their retail offer marketing and find a way that gave them flexibility to show off their vehicles in different looks, quickly, without having to rely on a photographed catalog solely, and augment their visuals with CG versions.  So I got a call to help figure out this could work visually.  So I got to work with one of their iconic Chevy vehicles, the Silverado truck.  I had to model, texture, light and render the vehicle is several different scenarios, and composite them into photographed plates, and hybrid cg/photo environments.

General Motors

Chevy Silverado

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Client – GM
Agency – McCANN

Production Studio – ID//iguana-den
Design/Modelling/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering – Steve McArdle

Design • Modelling • Texturing • Lighting • Rendering • Compositing