I’m Money

I’m Money.

If you put today’s finances into a body, a lazy, entitled, distracted body, you’d end up with Money.  You’d then need to kick him in the a$$ and get him working for you.  That’s what Meridian and Cundari came looking to do across a series of spots and print ads.  Who was this man of the ages?  I was lucky enough to design, develop and build him and his world into existence with a creative team that wouldn’t nickle and dime it.



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Client – Meridian
Agency – Cundari
Agency Producer – Nikki Drakul
Chief Creative Officer – Sean Barlow
Art Director – Emmanuel Torres
Writer – Daniel Cummings

Studio – Topix
Executive Producer – Cathy Jefferies
Creative Director – Steve McArdle
Character Design/Design/Look Dev – Steve McArdle
Modelling/Texturing – Chris Crozier/Steve McArdle
Animation – Kevin Vriesinga
Lighting/Rendering/Compositing – Livio Passera/Steve McArdle
Finishing – Marco Polsinelli

Direction • Character Design • Look Dev • Modelling • Texturing • Compositing