50th Anniversary


Pflag Toronto, a volunteer-run charity and support network for parents, friends and allies of Toronto’s LGBTQ community, wanted to create a campaign to coincide with National Coming Out Day to help bring awareness to the sensitivities of families handling sexual orientation and gender identities within their family and the coming out process of their children.

Partnering with J. Walter Thompson, I directed a small team of talented individuals to help bring these posters to life.  Each poster featured words made out of delicate materials with the tag-line “We’ll help you handle their words with care.”  I designed, modelled and textured the lettering and backgrounds, and worked with the team to light, render and composite the images along with some additional modelling.

The campaign included 68 posters on Toronto’s subway platforms, and over 700 more posters on buses, street cars and subway cars.

Mazda Canada

50th Anniversary

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Client – Mazda
Agency – J. Walter Thompson
Creative Director – Ari Elkouby
Producer – Angy Loftus, Kristen Neamtz

Design – Steve McArdle
Modelling/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering – Steve McArdle
Compositing – Steve McArdle

“No matter how prepared you think you are, parents often inadvertently do or say the wrong thing. A child will have had years to process their sexual orientation or gender identity but as a parent you have only seconds to respond in that moment.” “We know that handling these moments with care can ensure the relationship between parents and their children remain intact.” – Anne Creighton, President of Toronto Pflag.

Design • Modelling • Texturing • Lighting • Rendering • Compositing